Product Informations

  • MASTOR permanent makeup pigment for lips, eyeliner, eyebrows; pure plant extract based.
  • The pigments made of plant extracts and are water-based pigments.
  • All pigments have CE and FDA approved certificates.
  • Safe for skin types. It is suitable for all skin types and does not show any allergic reaction.
  • Permanent makeup pigment has CE and DERMATEST approval.
  • Suitable for eyebrows microblading, shading, lips, eyeliner, micro needling and micro pigmentation.
  • All pigments are shipped to you in a box and gelatinized. There is no refund for ungelatinized, unboxed and/or used pigments.
  • For detailed information, please ask a question to the seller before ordering and get advice from our expert.
  • Product name: Mastor permanent makeup pigment color option for lip, eyeline, eyebrow: 52 colors different paint options for eyebrow, lip, eyeliner, areola
  • Content: Based on pure plant extracts Lasting power: 80% lasting power for 2-3 years after care
  • Certificate: Dermatest, CE, FDA
  • Volume 15 ml
  • Mastor is sold by Carna Medical B.V. , the distributor of Mastor Europe.
  • We do not accept responsibility for all MASTOR products purchased outside Carna Medical B.V. company.
  • VAT will included in your purchase on your check out chart.
  • Your invoice will be sent to the address you have provided.
  • Shipping time may vary depending on stock availability and is on average 1-4 weeks.

Features and Benefits:

Safety & Compliance: All Mastor pigments have been extensively tested and comply with European tattooing agent regulations, including the strict REACH restriction. It is crafted without any eye or skin irritants, corrosives, or damaging compounds, ensuring a safe application process.

Vegan-Friendly: All pigments are produced using non-animal derived ingredients.

Usage and Storage:

  • Shake well before use to maintain pigment consistency.
  • Store in a cool, dark, and dry place to preserve quality.
  • Once opened, use within 360 days.

Product Specifications:

  • Expiration date: 3 years from date of manufacture
  • Each bottle contains 15 ml