felix quattro diode laser

new 3d diode laser technology

Thanks to the New Quattro Technology, you will be able to epilate much more effectively with 4 different wavelengths at the same time.

With Quattro Diode Laser Technology, which combines Dutch engineering and Dutch quality, you will minimize your laser hair removal time and maximize customer comfort and satisfaction.

With Carna Felix Quattro Diode Laser, which is highly effective on all skin types, you can easily destroy the hair follicle and reduce the number of epilation sessions.

With its special cooled head, you will be able to have extremely comfortable and painless epilation sessions.

Discover the power of the new Quattro Diode technology, which includes 620nm IPL, 755nm, Alexandrite, 808nm Diode and 1064nm ND:Yag wavelengths in a single head!

With the new epilation technology that can comfortably and painlessly destroy the hair follicle with 3D Quattro energy, you will save time and you and your customers will be satisfied.

5 Million

4 seasons in hair removal

Carna Felix Quattro Diode Laser is today’s most comfortable and effective solution for hair removal. With its new headpiece with different wavelengths, the Quattro Hybrid laser can treat all skin and hair types throughout the four seasons, providing painless and fast treatments and the best possible results.

Carna Medical introduces the smart Hybrid Quattro Diode Laser. With FELIX QUATTRO-HYBRID DIODE ; you will have the opportunity of using 4 different wave lengths together at one headpiece.

Carna Medical, having distinctive and different hair removal technologies, collecting together different systems with FELIX QUATTRO-HYBRID DIODE containing 620nm IPL, 760 nm. Alexandrite, 808 nm Diode and 1064 nm Nd:YAG wave lengths, gives you the possibility to use 4 different laser technologies on one device!

Your Ultimate Solution for Four Seasons Hair Removal

In the pursuit of smooth, hair-free skin, individuals often encounter the challenge of maintaining results throughout the changing seasons. Traditional hair removal methods often fall short, requiring constant upkeep to combat regrowth. However, with the groundbreaking Felix 4 Wavelengths Diode Laser, achieving year-round hair removal has never been easier. This cutting-edge technology offers a comprehensive solution that adapts to the unique needs of each season, ensuring optimal results regardless of the weather outside.

What is Four Seasons Hair Removal?

Four Seasons Hair Removal, as facilitated by the Felix 4 Wavelengths Diode Laser, refers to a revolutionary approach to hair removal that addresses the varying needs of the skin throughout the four seasons of the year. Each season presents distinct challenges and considerations for hair removal treatments, ranging from sun exposure and skin sensitivity to changes in hair growth patterns. Traditional hair removal methods often struggle to accommodate these fluctuations, leading to inconsistent results and frustration for patients.

The Felix 4 Wavelengths Diode Laser: Your All-Weather Solution

Carna Medical’s Felix 4 Wavelengths Diode Laser stands at the forefront of Four Seasons Hair Removal technology, offering a versatile and adaptive solution that caters to the changing needs of the skin year-round. Here’s how the Felix Laser ensures optimal results in each season:

Spring: As the weather warms and clothing becomes lighter, individuals may seek hair removal treatments to prepare for the season ahead. The Felix Laser’s precise targeting and adjustable settings allow practitioners to customize treatments according to each patient’s unique needs, ensuring smooth, hair-free skin just in time for spring.

Summer: With increased sun exposure during the summer months, protecting the skin becomes paramount. The Felix Laser’s advanced cooling systems minimize discomfort and reduce the risk of post-treatment complications, making it safe and effective for use even in the height of summer.

Autumn: As temperatures cool and clothing layers increase, individuals may shift their focus to areas of the body that were less of a concern during the summer months. The Felix Laser’s versatility allows for seamless transition between treatment areas, ensuring comprehensive hair removal from head to toe.

Winter: During the winter season, when skin is typically less exposed to sunlight, patients may opt for more intensive hair removal treatments. The Felix Laser’s enhanced efficacy and long-lasting results make it the perfect choice for winter hair removal, providing patients with smooth, hair-free skin that lasts well into the next season.

Advantages of Felix 4 Wavelengths Diode Laser for Four Seasons Hair Removal:

Comprehensive Coverage: With four distinct wavelengths targeting various depths of hair follicles, the Felix Laser ensures comprehensive coverage for all skin types and hair colors, regardless of the season.

Customizable Treatments: The ability to adjust wavelength and energy settings allows practitioners to customize treatments according to seasonal changes in skin sensitivity and hair growth patterns, ensuring optimal results year-round.

Reduced Discomfort: The Felix Laser’s integrated cooling systems minimize discomfort during treatments, making it a comfortable and tolerable option for patients even in extreme weather conditions.

Long-lasting Results: Thanks to its advanced technology and precision targeting, the Felix Laser delivers long-lasting results that withstand the test of time and the changing seasons, providing patients with smooth, hair-free skin year-round.

Carna Medical’s Felix 4 Wavelengths Diode Laser offers a revolutionary solution for Four Seasons Hair Removal, ensuring optimal results regardless of the weather outside. With its versatility, precision, and long-lasting efficacy, the Felix Laser stands as the ultimate choice for individuals seeking smooth, hair-free skin year-round. Say goodbye to the hassle of constant upkeep and hello to effortless hair removal with the Felix Laser from Carna Medical.

Discover Quattro Diode Technology

Welcome to the Future of Hair Removal

4 wavelengths diode laser

Introducing Quattro Wavelengths Diode Laser Technology

Are you tired of outdated hair removal methods that offer temporary results and inconvenience? Look no further! We’re thrilled to introduce the latest innovation in hair removal technology: Quattro Wavelengths Diode Laser.

What is Quattro Wavelengths Diode Laser Technology?

Quattro Wavelengths Diode Laser technology represents a groundbreaking advancement in the field of hair removal. Unlike traditional diode lasers that operate at a single wavelength, our Quattro Laser integrates four distinct wavelengths into a single platform. This revolutionary approach allows for unparalleled precision, versatility, and efficacy in targeting hair follicles across a wide spectrum of skin types and hair colors.

How Does Quattro Wavelengths Diode Laser Work?

Our Quattro Laser utilizes the principles of selective photothermolysis to target and destroy hair follicles while leaving surrounding skin tissue unharmed. The integration of four wavelengths—ranging from 755nm to 1064nm—ensures comprehensive coverage of the entire spectrum of hair follicles, making it suitable for individuals with varying skin tones and hair textures.

Advantages of Quattro Wavelengths Diode Laser Technology

Versatility: With four distinct wavelengths at its disposal, our Quattro Laser offers unparalleled versatility in targeting hair follicles at various depths and melanin concentrations. Whether you have light hair on fair skin or coarse hair on darker skin, our Quattro Laser can accommodate your unique needs.

Precision: The integration of multiple wavelengths allows for greater precision in targeting hair follicles while minimizing damage to surrounding skin tissue. This precision ensures optimal results with minimal discomfort and downtime.

Efficacy: By targeting a broader spectrum of hair follicles, our Quattro Laser achieves enhanced efficacy compared to traditional diode lasers. This means fewer treatment sessions and better outcomes for our clients.

Customizable Treatments: Carna Quattro Laser’s adjustable settings allow practitioners to customize treatments according to each client’s unique skin type, hair color, and hair thickness. This ensures personalized care and optimal results for every individual.

Long-lasting Results: Thanks to its advanced technology and precision targeting, our Quattro Laser delivers long-lasting results that far surpass those of traditional diode lasers. Many clients experience permanent hair reduction after completing a series of treatments.

Experience the Future of Hair Removal with Quattro Wavelengths Diode Laser Technology

Say goodbye to outdated hair removal methods and hello to smooth, hair-free skin with our Quattro Wavelengths Diode Laser technology. Whether you’re a practitioner seeking to enhance your clinic’s offerings or an individual looking for a permanent solution to unwanted hair, our Quattro Laser is your ticket to effortless beauty and confidence.

4 wavelenghts

up to 80 millions shots &

different spot sizes

Carna Quattro Laser hair removal aims to permanently end unwanted hair by target- ing hair follicles. With Quattro, it prevents the destruction and regeneration of hair follicles by targeting the hair follicles as in hair removal technologies with special cool- ing system.

During this application, it keeps the skin cool with its special cooling head and provides epilation without making you feel pain.

The main feature that distinguish Quattro Laser from other methods is that it performs the application without pain at the same time.

Thanks to its cooling feature, it provides a comfortable epilation service by eliminating the burning, stains and side effects that may occur on the skin with proper use.

The fact that it can be applied in all seasons allows you to get rid of unwanted hair in the summer. It can be applied to every skin type and can reach every hair root, whether it is thin or thick.

Quattro cooling technology, which provides comfort with massage feeling, is produced with the advanced technology of the last years.

why hybrid diode laser ?

– Much more effective hair root destruction

– Much more effective and comfortable epilation on dark skin

– IPL wavelengths is 620 nm.

– Alexandrite wavelength is 755 nm.

– Diode wavelength is 808 nm.

– Nd:YAG wavelength is 1064 nm.

– Made in Holland Quality

– Holland Engineering

– Quality approved

– More comfortable and effective epilation with effective skin cooling

– Faster and shorter application opportunity with fast epilation mode

– Enhanced security system

– Ergonomic and attractive design

– Possibility to use freely without shooting restrictions up to 80 million shots

– 2 years warranty period