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We are the Official European Distributor of Mastor PMU products, the world’s most preferred and indispensable brand for all permanent makeup professional artists. Carna Medical, which produces professional beauty equipment in Germany; is the official distributor of Mastor brand all over Europe. You can easily buy Mastor permanent makeup devices, permanent makeup pigments, needle types and all other Mastor products online on our page.

100% organic pigments have FDA and German Dermatest certificates. Our natural and eco-friendly permanent makeup pigments do not cause any allergic reaction on the skin like synthetic permanent makeup paints. With its ergonomic design and steel, stainless steel body, Mastor Permanent Makeup Devices have German TUV certificate and German motor integration.

You can perform error-free and much more professional procedures with our permanent makeup devices with almost no vibration. Thanks to its professional panel, you can perform detailed and flawless operations for the application you want.

Mastor PMU products, the world’s most preferred permanent makeup brand, is a big brand that organizes PMU Worldwide Festival in different countries of the world every year. You can participate in these festivals as Mastor users. You can access the details of this great Permanent Makeup Festival organized in different countries every year by contacting us.

Mastor intelligent digital micro pigmentation & micro needling system can both be used on permanent makeup and micro needling therapy, it is easy to operate and you just need to change another needle cartridge for it!

MASTOR PMU device gives the artist complete comfort and control while working. Not only can it easily provide you with a mostly wireless experience, allowing you to work anywhere rather than remaining stuck near a wall, but it also provides artist with a variety of technique options so that your clients get the eyebrows of their dreams no matter what they are looking for.

With this device, you can enjoy a fully wireless experience or work with it plugged in depending on your preference and power needs It is lightweight, easy to use, and even comes in a beautiful professional design!



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why organic PMU pigments ?

– According to different country, different regions of the skin, we offer various kinds of colors.

– 52 different colors

– 15 ml bottles

– Organic Pigments, Water and Plant Based

– It have color for eyebow microblading, shading, eyeliner, lip,eyeshadow and scalp micropigmentation.

– Color can be mixed to get better result.

– Natural-looking and rich color selection.

– Pure plant essence,raw material

– High quality tattoo ink, will never change color on skin.

“All inks are sterilized, ensuring the highest quality standard, more safe and healthy.

– Permanent Makeup Pigment FDA and DermaTest Approval.

– Easy-coloring, able lasting effect for 3 to 4 years.

organic pmu pigments

Mastor Organic PMU Pigments are formulated with a meticulous focus on safety and effectiveness. These pigments typically consist of organic compounds that are carefully selected to ensure biocompatibility and long-lasting color retention. Ingredients often include organic colorants, glycerin, witch hazel extract, and other stabilizing agents that enhance pigment dispersion and longevity. The formulation is designed to minimize risks of allergic reactions and to promote skin health during and after the PMU procedure.

One of the standout features of Mastor Organic PMU Pigments is their FDA approval. This endorsement signifies that the pigments have met stringent safety standards and are deemed suitable for use in permanent makeup procedures. FDA approval assures practitioners and clients alike of the product’s safety profile, reinforcing trust and reliability in the brand.

With a palette boasting 52 different colors, Mastor Organic PMU Pigments cater to a wide spectrum of aesthetic preferences and skin tones. The range includes essential hues for eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, and more specialized shades for creative applications. Each pigment is thoughtfully crafted to ensure true-to-color results that maintain their vibrancy over time, meeting the diverse needs of PMU artists and their clients.